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What we do

Equipment Purchasing and Setup

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We can recommend the right equipment purchases for your business based on your specific needs. We will help you purchase the computer equipment that best suits your needs and budget AND we will set it up for you!

Networking and Internet

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We offer a full range of network services from wired networking for desktops and wireless networking for laptops and mobile devices. We can suggest the best internet service plan for your business as well as get you setup for remote access so you can manage your business on the go.

Business Website Development

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Every business needs a website. We can get you setup with a basic website which you can add to and develop yourself or we can create a full custom site for your business including whatever features, services and design you require. We also do custom coding for web applications.

Cloud Services

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Most businesses today use cloud computing resources. We can help you determine which services you need in the cloud and choose the right provider and plan to fit your needs and budget. We work with Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud and Apple iCloud. Whether its file storage and backup, email calendar and scheduling or a customized cloud solution we have got you covered.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

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We can offer plans to ensure your data is properly backed up and available in the event of a disaster. This includes a full disaster recovery plan to get you back up and running no matter the type of disaster you might be dealing with.

Cyber Security

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Unfortunately todays computing environment includes multiple types of risk and cyber attacks abound. But with the right understanding of your risks and solid cyber security strategy will go along way with keeping your data safe and your business up and running. We do cyber risk analysis and plans to implement the best security for your data. We also offer monitoring and recovery solutions for cyber attacks.

How we work with you

New Office Setup

Are you setting up a new office? Whether it is a small home office or a physical office with multiple employees and data services on site we’ve got you covered!

We can offer assistance with choosing and purchasing new equipment and setting up and configuring that equipment for you. Equipment can include desktop and laptop computers, tablets, printers, networking equipment including wireless, security equipment and more…

We can help you choose a business internet plan and setup full networking and remote access for your business.

Prices for these services are quoted after a consultation.

Monthly Service Plans

We offer several monthly service plans for customers. Monthly service plans allow you to budget for a fixed monthly fee to cover a fixed amount of service each month. This is ideal if you need ongoing IT support as you receieve a substantial discount under a service plan vs billing those hours separately.

The price for service plans is based on an agreed upon average number of support hours and the types of support you want to have available such as on-site visits, phone support, email support and text and chat support.

You’ll receive a custom quote for exactly the time and services you need so you don’t pay for what is not needed. In addition, unused service hours roll over into the next month within a calendar year so you can make the most out of your plan.

Chat - Text - Email Service Plans

In addition to on-site and phone support we also offer service via chat, text and email. Service plan members and those who have purchased this type of support can send in support requests through the means which is most convenient for you and most applicable to the type of issue.

Individual Projects

Much of our work is done on a project basis. This include web design and development projects where you recieve a fixed price quote for the full price of a new website or web application. Cybersecurity and special equipment setup as well as cloud computing are typically billed per project as well. 

With projects we will meet to find out the requirements for your project and then offer a quote that includes a detailed breakdown of what is included as well as the timeline for completion. You will never pay more than the quoted price for a project unless you add additional requirements after the project begins that were not part of the original quote.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Security is a critical issue for businesses these days and with a Cybersecurity and disaster recovery plan you are taking a big risk with your business. Its not a matter of IF but WHEN you will have to deal with a security breach if not a full blown attack so its best to be prepared.

We can review your systems and security and issue a full report on the risks and suggested remediation plan. If you choose to implement what we suggest we can begin a project to put the recommended sucurity measures in place and also if desired monitor your systems and network to proactively detect any security issues.

Troubleshooting and Support

Sometimes you just have tech problems that need to be resolved so we offer troubleshooting and support services for a variety of IT systems including Windows and Linux servers (both physical and virtual), Windows, Linux and MacOS computers, iPadOS and Android tablets, networking equirement such as switches, routers, firewalls, Wifi Access points and cable/dsl modems.

Support services can be purchased on a per incident basis or as part of a monthly service contract.

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Pricing and Payment Information

Most services are billed on a per project basis based on a fixed quote for that project. This is determined based on a free consultation.

The price for monthly service plans is billed based on a fixed monthly rate that is determined from the number of service hours required and the types of service offerings needed minus a 25% discount for monthly subscribers.

All billing and payment is handled electronically through our secure payment provider – Stripe

We do not accept checks, cash payments or purchase orders. Billing is generated through Stripe business invoicing and is payable with any major debit or credit card.

Payment is due at the time of service or according to agreed upon payment dates for projects and monthly plans.


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