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Client: EarthHatz

Project Request:
Create a new ecommerce site to sell physical products that handles online shop, payment processing and shipping as well as product descriptions and about us.

Solution Provided:
Working within the clients budget we offered a WordPress based solution using the woocommerce online shop and a custom designed layout. Payment processing using strip was integrated into the store as well as automated shipping solution. Total price of project: $1750

Client was able to begin sales of his products. He only needed to update his inventory on the site and all sales were automated. He would receive a notification of a sale with the customers name and address, a payment confirmation and a printed shipping label. He simply needed to complete fulfillment.

The guys at NPS had me covered when I needed a way to sell my custom made hats online. They hooked me up with a nice looking website that had everything I needed for selling my hats. It handled payment and even printed a completed shipping form. It was a breeze becaise all I had to do was pack up my hats and take them over to FedEx, easy! These guys are great!