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Client: Awakenings Wellness Center

Project Request:
Client requested a website upgrade on their existing site. This would involve creating a new custom coded custom design site with the following features: A directory of healing practitioners with image and description for each, a calendar for events, a scheduling system the practitioners can use to sign up clients and space resources at the center and an articles section with the ability for practitioners to post their own articles.

Solution Provided:
We took some existing design elements and content from the old site and coded it into a new site with the features requested. The center could easily add a new practitioner using a simple form. The practitioners had an admin area they could log into that offered a way to enter their schedule and pricing to book clients and post articles to the centers blog. We also implemented an advanced event calendar to handle displaying all booked resources and practitioners availability.
Total price of project: $6000

Client was happy with the site and all features performed as requested. We also provided this client with a monthly support plan to help with any issues and monitor and update the site as necessary. Site was hosted on our internal hosting platform making maintenance something they did not need to worry about.

Wow did we ever need help with our site. We had a site done a while back but as the center grew we needed something more up to date with a lot more features. They guys were incredibly helpful in sitting down with us and fleshing out what we needed the site to do, which was a lot! They came up with a plan that addressed all our needs and their team built the site on time and within budget and even put up with our anxiety and confusion over it! Hats off to them I would certainly recommend NPS.

James Davis

Awakenings Wellness Center